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2nd conference on engineerd wood products based on poplar/willow wood

September 8th-10th 2016

Leon (Spain)

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Download the presentations :

Download the introduction Mr Van Acker HERE

Download "Phénotypic and Genotypic correlations for wood properties of hybrid poplar clones of southern Quebec" HERE

Download "Early assessment of poplar and willow wood properties : selection of parameters and their predictability" HERE

Download "Demonstration of the low risk of transferring microorganisms from artificially contaminated poplar crates to foodstuffs" HERE

Download "Thermal insulating materials made up of poplar wood fibres" HERE

Download "Study of the stress-grading of poplar for a structural use" HERE

Download "Kiln drying properties of hybrid poplar clones from three growing sites" HERE

Download "OPTISOUNDWOOD project: enhancing poplar plywood with sound absorption properties" HERE

Download "Durability of exterior wood works in poplar from France in real conditions of use" HERE

Download "Poplar Wood Related Research in Hungary" HERE

Download "OHT of poplar round wood - the wood's resistance to white rot" HERE

Download "Potential of thermally modified poplar wood for construction products" HERE

Download "Bending properties of tangentially and radially sawn European aspen and silver birch wood after industrial scale thermo-mechanical modification" HERE

Download "Garnica Challenge the ordinary" HERE

Download "Use of poplar for wood-polymer composites manufacturing" HERE

Download "Mechanical properties of Laminated Veneer Lumber made from 14 poplar cultivars" HERE

Download "Enhanced potential of poplar and willow for engineered wood products" HERE

Download "Laminated Veneer and Rubber Lumbers (LVRL): Manufacturing and Physic-mechanical Characteristics" HERE

Download "Producing medium density fibreboard based on bamboo-willow" HERE