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The Association


Created in 2008, Pro-Populus, the “European poplar association”, is unique in the sense that, for the first time, it gathers growers, promoters and industrial users of poplar for the variety of uses it offers (panels, packaging, energy, etc.). The creation of the new association was supported by CEI-Bois, the European Confederation of Woodworking Industries, where the association has its legal seat.

Founding members 

The founding members of Pro-Populus are:

  • Associazione Pioppicoltori Italiani asbl (Italy)
  • Centre de populiculture du Hainaut asbl (Belgium)
  • Chambre Syndicale du Peuplier de France (France)
  • FEDEMAR asbl (Belgium)
  • Fédération nationale des Scieries (Belgium)
  • Federlegno-Arredo asbl (Italy)
  • Unie Vlaamse Bosbouw vzw (Belgium)
  • Pedro Garnica Ortiz (Spain)


The overall goals of Pro-Populus are to:

  • Position poplar as a strategic raw material;
  • Gather, promote, defend and represent the production and use of poplar;
  • Present a platform for information exchange;
  • Study any question of interest to the poplar sector. 

All founders are convinced that poplar presents unique features making it the ideal means to support many transversal policy areas within the European Union, such as raw material availability, climate change mitigation, renewable energy use, and development of territories.

Board of Directors

During the last general assembly held on May 29th, 2015, Pedro GARNICA (ES) was elected new president following Nicoletta AZZI (I) who chaired the association since 2011, herself having succeeded Bernard MOURLAN ( F ) who was the first president.

The President is assisted by vice-presidents Fabio Boccalari (IT), Pedro Garnica (ES) and Bernard Mourlan (FR), by Board members Marc De Bock (BE), André Deterck (BE) and Hervé Drouin (FR).